New Site! Come Over!

Hi blog friends! We’re jumping ship over here to a new blog! All of the old posts and comments will be there, but the new site allows us more space for photos, a site name that can travel with us longer, and lots of new buttons and things. I’ve been working hard on it for two months, and I really hope that you will join us at-


-Allison (and Peter and the Kitties!)

Two Things

1) I have recently acquired full-time work! Yay! This is good news, but also sad, because it means that many of the things I was working on in the house are on hold. For now. Until I figure out how to have more time.

2) WordPress told me on my last post that I used up the last of my available free photo space. Whoops. This means that I… need to figure out what this means. At the very least it means that this site cannot hold any more pictures.  I’m not planning on quittin’ the blogs, but I’ m also not planning on paying for a free website (see: Scottish). So just hold on for like 30 seconds while I figure it out, okay??



The Day I Change Your Life

It’s today. And I’m going to change it using only a cabinet knob and a double-threaded screw. Take that MacGyver.

I want you to look at this picture and tell me how many shampoo bottles you see (but tell me in your head.)


The correct answer is none. None, because after years of knocking shampoo bottles off of ledges, I finally won. I conquered the shower.


That’s right. I have figured out how to have not one shower caddy, but TWO. Even though there is only ONE SHOWER HEAD. I’m not going to lie and tell you that I came up with this idea myself. I found it on Pinterest, and give all credit to a post that was linked to here.

Here’s what you need: a cabinet knob of your choosing, and 8-31×1″ screws. Mine came in a blue-packet set of four from Home Depot for about a dollar. The cabinet knob was about a dollar fifty. Here’s what the screw package looks like-


I decided to hang both caddy’s from knobs rather than use the shower head for one (it is way way too high up), so I bought two knobs and used two screws. This is what the screws look like out of the package. It’s pretty self explanatory, but you twist the knob onto the flat end, and then use the knob to twist the pointy end into the wall. Or drywall anchor, if you want to get fancy (I didn’t).


It took me about 30 seconds, and I just twisted it in by hand.

Just slip the caddy loop over the knob, and you’re done! You just won.


Veni, vidi, vici.



Table Down

There’s been a casualty.

IMG_3471Poor tiny claw foot table. And after we too all that time trying to save it. I am not at all confident that It can be put back together again.

IMG_3472So we’re back to using the snack trays again for now.


They are not a bad option at all, we just worry a bit about the stability. I put a tray on top to try and discourage… sitting.

IMG_3473Because let’s just say we’ve narrowed the list of table-wrecking suspects down.IMG_3487

…Waaaaay down.

Sun Porch Makeover

Did you know we have a sun porch?

IMG_3416No? I can’t imagine why I never mentioned it.

IMG_3417Really, really forgetful of me.


You may think to yourself, “when a person only has only 930 square feet, how does said person neglect to mention bonus footage??”


Because when that bonus footage is not connected to the house by heating, it is easy for that footage to become a junk room. Please tell me I am not the only one??

Anyway, I felt super bad that the screened porch became a junk room for our project remnants because it is also home to Peter’s bar. He was a bartender for a couple of summers in college, so for his birthday one year I (and some very, very kind friends) hauled a bar home for him that I found on Craigslist. It now lives on our sun porch. Somewhere. I think.

The bar didn’t travel 900 miles with us from Ohio to Massachusetts because we are particularly big drinkers, but more because Peter has an obsession with two things:  hospitality, and mixing colorful liquids. Part Southerner, part mad scientist. So I decided that it was finally time to clean out the porch so he could actually entertain friends out there.

Porch Stats

Insulation: None

Walls: Completely composed of windows and crappy plywood

Floor: Sub-floor only

Lighting: One overhead porch light

Electrical: None. Actually, that’s not true. There are some scary wires in a box on the wall.

Unpacked Boxes: Four

Spiders: One Trillion

Budget: None. Not as in “unlimited,” but as in, “should not spend anything, especially on a three-season (ish) room).

Alright. Challenge accepted. This turned out to be a four-day project. On Day 1 I primed the wood paneling with some leftover primer. It took two coats, and the wood still stained through. Day 2 I painted two coats of white paint that I had leftover from god-knows-what.

IMG_3424Day 3 I painted the ceiling blue in order to highlight the only architectural feature that the room had- two strips of molding on the ceiling. The blue paint was leftover from our bathroom.

IMG_3425This is also the only day I went over my budget of “you don’t have a budget.” I was going to put an indoor/outdoor carpet down to cover the sub-floor, but after looking around I couldn’t find anything in my budget. I was also hesitant to put any sort of fabric in a non-sealed, slightly damp room. I decided on vinyl peel-and-stick tiles from Home Depot. I tried to take a picture of them for you, but it came out blurry. They look AMAZING. You cannot even tell that they are square tiles unless you look closely, and they are textured so well that they look like real wood.

IMG_3468Day 4 I moved everything back into place, and bought some accessories using gift cards. The lantern was a clearance find at T.J Maxx because it was missing a pane of glass. It has an electric candle, so no worries about fire (or the missing pane), or not having an outlet in the room for plugging in the lighting. The tablecloth was $7 at Homegoods.

IMG_3428Flowers and lemonade were just worked into the shopping budget at Trader Joe’s.

IMG_3433I already owned the pillows (I guess we like blue?)

IMG_3445The sign was a gift from Peter’s Dad, and the buoy was a find of ours from Sagamore Beach, on the Cape.


The bar also cleaned up nicely. I spray painted the legs of the bar stools (free from a going-out-of-business sale in NH) to break up the wood. Seat cushions from a Pier 1 gift card.



See, there’s that scary wire box I was talking about… Below it is some shelving that used to be on the Tiny Desk in the family room, but had been moved to the garage after the kitchen renovation. The counter top was from Peter’s Uncle Bob- he helped us get the original kitchen in working shape!

IMG_3453Not a bad view!

IMG_3456The chair was a roadside find (Hobo Martha Stewart FTW), and it was a multicolored monstrosity when we picked it up. I spray painted it glossy black so it would look more like a traditional New England Windsor chair. Actually, I had bought that paint for our lamppost, and just now remembered. Haha, whoops. I was wondering why I had all that black spray paint sitting around…

IMG_3459The wall basket from a trip to Amish Country in Ohio. The flowers are from our yard.

IMG_3460Our grass is not really that color. I swear.




Check out the floor!


Oh, and I hung the lantern using a plant arm from Home Depot.

IMG_3465Best of all, I no longer have to use the Roman “Shame Shade” to hide the porch. We never, ever kept the shade up because it was a) embarrassing b) stressful c) gross.  IMG_3469

It turned out to be well worth the four coats of paint- and I hate having to paint more than once.  I’m still iffy on how the bar stools turned out, so I’ll have to think about those. Otherwise, very pleased!